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Tällä koulutielläni Nokian Hakkapeliitta nastarengas on ainut oikea valinta

Katso videoni pääsiäisen aikaan Etelä-Savosta, niin uskot. Hakkapeliitta 8 on tämän entisen valtatien rengas!! (Valtatie13: Vaasa - Lappeenranta, välillä Jyväskylä - Mikkeli)

This uses to be my road to school every morning.

I used bicycle -or bus, when available. I had no studded tyres on my bike - oh my.. how much they would have helped me with snow and ice.

Now I request naturally Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 8 for this road

. Believe or not, but

it is just normal road in Finland

. Suitable for rally - but used only once for Jyvaskyla Rally about 50 years ago.

Nokian Tyres are made in this environment FOR this environment and they are reliable.

They are very reliable also if you drive through Alps!

Just look my 1 km long YouTube video - and you agree on my opinion.

Enjoy also the very clear and clean air and scenery.


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