Snowy Wednesday ahead, be careful on roads

Tällaiset uutiset tuntuvat meillä vähintään hassuilta. Jossain muualla ne on totta.
Tällaisena päivänä taksi ei tule noutamaan asiakkaita esim Seoulin Hyatt hotellista, koska se on kukkulalla, johon kesärenkailla ei pääse. On kokemusta siitä.

Updated: NOV 26, 2013  

Arirang News/ Korea: Snowy Wednesday ahead, be careful on roadsThe nation saw sporadic rain and sleet today

And that precipitation

is going to turn to snow on Wednesday.

Let's get the details by going over to our Kim Bo-gyung at the weather center. Bo-gyung

Good evening, Sean and Jihae. The snow is forecast to start falling from later tonight.

Taking a look at the current conditions. The central regions are under the influence of a low pressure trough, which is why we're seeing clouds hovering.

The central regions are forecast to get between 2 to 7 centimeters of snow


Heavy snow fall

watches have been issued in the mountains of Gangwon Province, which should see

about 8 to 10


Tomorrow morning, it is recommended that you take public transportation if possible

, because the snow and a drop in temperatures will lead to icy road conditions. Tomorrow afternoon, temperatures won't rise all that much from the morning, so get ready for pre-winter weather.

Looking ahead at tomorrow's readings. Snowy Seoul starts off the day at zero degrees, with a high of 1. Meanwhile Daegu and Gwangju peak at 6.
Moving on, Daejeon and Dokdo will make it to 4 and 10 degrees, respectively. Mt. Geumgang tops out at minus-5.

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