Korealaiset ovat ihastuneita hunajakennorakenteeseen tulevaisuuden renkaissa

Päivittäistä uutiskatsausta tehdessäni bongasin Arirang TV:n jutun tulevaisuuden puhkeamattomista renkaista. Jo toisen kerran olen törmännyt korealaisten esittelemään tavallaan hunajakennorakenteen käyttöön. Tällä kertaa ei esitellä varsinaisesti auton rengasta. Ensimmäinen aiemmissa blogeissani ollut esimerkki puolestaan oli auton rengas.  Linkin uutisessa esiintyvät kuvat ovat Incheonin yliopistosta.

Researchers develop flat-free tires

Updated: 2014-05-25 PM 1:21:41 (KST)


A group of researchers place several ping-pong balls onto a platform carrier to measure the vibration caused by wheels.  They installed average tires onto one platform, and so-called 'smart tires' onto the other one.
When running on the road, the balls on average tires bounce continuously due to the vibration.  However, the ping-pong balls on 'smart tires' stay relatively still, and the tires run without making much noise.
Researchers say the secret lies in a structure inside the wheels that disperse the weight of air added to the tires.  Using a cushion effect, they have solved the problem of both vibration and noise.

"The air-pressure applied on the tires is dispersed inside, causing a cushion effect."
The smart tires do not require it to be made of rubber, which means less of a chance of getting a flat tire.
Among new tires introduced by multinational companies, these locally developed smart tires are well received.  "I believe the technology to disperse the pressure is superior than the so-called hive structure developed in other countries."
Experts believe the smart tire, which is currently being introduced on carts or beds, is sure to lead the global tire industry once it is further developed.


Source: University of Incheon
Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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