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2,6mm groove AIN’T NO GOOD for summer tires in Finland

I have used all types of Nokian Tyres made tires in last 40 years. From summer tires I take forward two latest ones as being the best.

Hakka Green was enjoyable to drive and absolutely great in heavy rain. I did not need to hesitate to drive through big bonds of water. Green was otherwise good, but with my driving in summer it did wear out in two seasons.

Latest one has been Hakka Green 2. WOW I must say. I drove in sunshine, heavy rain, even in sleed and I always had good grip and feeling through steering wheel of the road. Some of the circumstances I had to drive were terrible. It was like hurricane would be approaching – still my trust to the grip was extremely strong. No need to fear for getting into aquaplaning. Hydrogroove function as of my experience is 100% like designed. I really enjoyed Hakka Green 2 tires – and after two summers they had still one more summer ahead before reaching 4mm remaining groove depth.

But I changed my car – Volvo again, into 10 years younger one.

With this car I have an issue: remaining groove is only 2,6mm deep. Tires are from Michelin and they are ok to drive on drive on sunny day and dry road. Last two days I needed to drive in rain, heavy rain and just wet road. I did not enjoy at all. The roads in Finland have grooves after winter and they gather all water from rain. Additionally in heavy rain the roads have more or less water all over the road.

This photo shows road in light rain, but gives some idea for heavy rain condition.

With my Hakka Green 2 tires I could keep the speed which limits allowed, no matter what the weather was.

With my worn out tires I had to keep 80 km/h speed or less, even limit was 100km/h. I was all the time in slight aquaplaning and was trying to find solid pavement under my tires. I disliked the feeling of not having touch on the road all the time. I did not actually fear driving, but it sure was not nice driving.

For my ‘new’ 12 years old Volvo the tire size is 215/60 R17. It means Hakka Green 2 are not available – I need to go for Hakka Blue 2 SUV.

For our speed limits in Finland I strongly recommend Nokian Hakka Green 2 – or Blue 2 for summer. They are worth every Euro in driving convenience.

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